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Transcribed by Marge Matteson

Source: West Greenwich Land Evidence Book 5 pgs 297-298

Land Dispute: Rowland Matteson and Josiah Greene
Dated December 10, 1817

Whereas a Controversy has arisen and Still Subsisting
between Rowland Matteson and Josiah Greene both of
West Greenwich Respecting the Dividing Line between
their Lands, which Difference has arisen on the Meaning
a deed of the Land now owned by said Matteson made
by David Hall to Amos Hall Dated the Eleventh
day of November AD 1776. Now it is hereby Agreed
between the Said Rowland and Josiah to Submit
the Subject Matter of the Said Controversy to the
award Arbetrament and Determination of Charles
Brayton of Warwick Levi Potter of Southkings town
and Daniel C. Goff of Coventry. they the Said Arbi
-trators to appoint time and Place for hearing Said
Parties and Notify them thereof, Repair to the premises
Survey Said Line and Determine the Same according
to said Deed, and the the Parties aforesaid pay the
Cost of this Arbitration Equally between them and
that Said Arbitration Determine any Controversy
which may arise Relating to their Divisional fences
and by Whom the Cost of a Suit Commences by the
Said Rowland against the said Josiah Relating
to the Same line Shall be paid, and that Said
Parties Mutually Give Each Other Arbitration bonds
in the Sum of five Hundred Dollars to abide the
award of the Said Arbitrators
                                          Rowland Matteson

Witness John Manchester      Josiah Greene
             Stafford Greene }
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Pursuant to the within aguement, We the Subscribers
have Notified and Met the within Named parties; and
have adjourned from day to day; and have fully heard
them on the Subject Matter within Refered to us. –
and have Considered the Deed refered to Which Describe
a Side bound. viz, a Certain Stump, Then a north and

(end page 297)

South Line from Said Stump as the Dividing Line
between the Lands of the Said Parties, Do award
adjudge and Determine that a Line Drawn
due North and South from the Place of said Stump
(which is Agreed by the arties) be the the Dividing
Line between their Said Lands and have Surveyed
the Same and Run the Line Accordingly Allowing
three Degrees for the Variation of the Magnetic
Nedle West of due North and have Enciled Several
bounds of Stones on Said Line in the presence
of Said Parties – We do further Adjudge and
award that each party have and Retain his
fences Respectively and that Each Move and Set
his fence on Said Line as Speedily as may be
and further that the Cost of the Suit already
Commenced being Two Dollars be paid Equally
by said Parties --- West Greenwich December 10, 1817

Arbitrators Cost $22.00              Charles Brayton
Writ---------------2.00               Levi Potter         } Arbitrators
                           ------            Daniel C. Goff
              Paid Equally
              by the Parties }

We abide the above award
                                             Josiah Greene
                                             Rowland Matteson

*In the above transcription the word “Enciled” is most likely encircled.

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