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Stacia Matteson
Stacia Matteson
1964 - 1969

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Nearly all Mattesons in the United States can trace their heritage back to Henry and Hannah (Parsons) Matteson of Rhode Island. Some other common spellings of the Matteson surname are Mattison, Madison, and Mathewson. Some of the towns in which our Matteson ancestors lived were: East Greenwich, West Greenwich, Exeter, Coventry, Warwick, and Providence Rhode Island, Bennington and Shaftsbury Vermont, and several places in New York State before spreading out all over America. This website has provided historical and genealogical information on the Matteson family since 2002.

Take a look around our website and make yourself at home, after all, you're family!

Click here to see where Henry Matteson is really buried.

Recent Changes and Additions:

  • Matteson Genealogy Database - 12/06/14
    The database now contains over 27,000 individual listings. Updates are being performed on a continual basis as new data is added.
  • Updated Forum  - 02/26/14
    We've transitioned to a new forum system replacing the former Yahoo! Matteson Genealogy Group. New forum members and old are encouraged to join us in the new forum.
  • Updated Newsletter - 02/26/14
    The Newsletter has mostly outlived it's usefulness as recent updates and other useful information and announcements are posted to the website and the Matteson Genealogy Facebook page. The genealogy database is updated continually as new data is added. The Newsletter is sent out only rarely now, at most only once or twice a year. Those wishing to suscribe may still do so but I offer no guarantees on if and when it will be sent out again.
  • Added Articles: Hugh Parson's Wife - 09/22/13
  • Updated Facts and Findings: Henry Matteson's Gravesite - 06/22/13
    Updated to include a short video that was taken the same morning Marge was able to capture a photo showing the stone's inscription.
  • Added Articles: Frank Howe Mattison's Bible - 06/19/13
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