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Justus G. Matteson to Mary Hatch
December 3, 1863

Transcribed by Ron Matteson

Friend Mary, as i am at leisure now I will pen a few lines to you. It has been a long time since I had a letter from you. your last was welcomed I assure you. as a letter from an old school mate and friend who have enjoyed our-selves together in our younger days.

You spoke of my keeping up good courage. in this when our country's and liberty is at stake, if we (the soldiers) did not keep up good cheer I would not answer for the safety of our cause.

We are having good news from the front now as allso from the armies in the different departments else whare.

I am now in the dismounted camp near Washington. I've been here ever since the army fell back to Centerville. I was in the Cav fight at Sulphur Springs. my horse was shot and I had to walk here a distance of fifty miles and was sick with the ague at the time. when I got here I was completely worn out. it was the hardest time that I seen yet and I hope that I may not have to endure it again.

I am well now and ready for duty again. there is some of the boys here now that wer in the hospitals and went home to vote. they say that they had a good time. I think that I shall try and get a furlough home this winter. if I succeed I shall try and make you a call.

Mary, I doubt whether you will get this or not for I know not where you are at present. I suppose you are having sleighrides etc. there now. here it is as pleasant as summer amost.

I shall have to cut this letter short for the sargent has detailed me for fatigue after dinner. so you will have to excuse me for this time.

Mary remember me as your friend and well wisher. and hoping that we may some day meet where this writing may cease etc etc.

Your Friend,

J. G. Matteson
P.S. Direct:
J. G. Matteson
Co. L. 10th N.Y. Vol. Cav.
Camp Stoneman
Washington, DC.

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