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Transcribed by Jean Maris

Will of Joseph Mattison
Dated June 22, 1810

Recorded Jan. 2nd 1___

In the name of God Amen, I Joseph Mattison of the town of Hebron in the county of
Washington and State of New York - considering the uncertainty of this mortal life -
Being of sound and perfect mind and memory Helped by almighty God for the same  Do make and publish this as and for my last will and testament that is to say ---------------
Item 1st After the payment of all my just debts and funeral charges by my Executors
hereafter to be named -- I give and bequeath to my beloved wife Ruth - the use of one half of my dwelling house and the use of one horse if she require it to ride. Likewise I give and bequeath unto her my said wife the use and profit of one half of my farm or lot of land in said town together with all the Household stuff to be at her use during her national life {or so long as she remains my widow} under the direction and discretion of my said Executors who I hereby direct to exercise judgment and discretion for her benifit and comfort during her lifetime. --------
2 ly - I give to my daughter Mercy Sherman one pair of worsted combs besides what she has received -------------
3 ly - I give to my eldest son Henry Mat(t)ison one Dollar besides what he has had or
received ------------------------------
4 ly - I give to my Daughter Lois Bowen two Dollars besides what she has received
5 ly - I give to my Daughter Elisabeth Hurd two Dollars beside what she has received
6 ly - I give to my Rebecah Atbro(?) two Dollars besides what she has received
7 ly - I give to my son Job Mattison two Dollars besides what he has received
8 ly - I give to my Daughter Deliverence Montgomery two Dollars besides what she has
received -----------------------
Item 9 ly- I give to my son Johnathan Mattison the sum of fifty (or 80) besides what he
has received --------------
10 ly - I give to my Daughter Sarah Smith two Dollars besides what she has received
11 ly - I give to my Daughter Ruth Phelps two Dollars besides what she has received
12 ly - I give to the heir or heirs {as the case may be}of my son Thomas Mattison now
deceased in case his widow should be delivered of one or more in due season if a male child and lives twenty Dollars be paid out of my estate by my Executors toward its schooling and learning, if a female I give it one feather bed and beding to be kept and delivered to her if she lives to arrive at the age of Eighteen years by my Executors or sooner if they judge expedient
Item 13 ly - And all the rest and residue of my Estate Real and personal, I give and devise and bequeath to my youngest son Joseph Mattison Jun - and his heirs and assign forever and in order that my son Joseph should be able to pay all of the Legatees and not brake the farm or lot of land I direct my Executor not to call for the several legacies more than four of them in any one year untill the one half is paid out within two years after my decease then the other half in the _ more (?) _______-in two years after my wife's decease and in case it is not convienent for my son to advance the money, to my Executors to settle the several legatees, then if my Executors think best to be paid in stock or other property that is Marcketable (?) and saleable  I direct my Executors to exercise their discretion in that case ----------------------------
Lastly - I Do hereby Constitute ordain and appoint my son Henry Mattison and Thomas
Gourlay Executors of this my last will and testment hereby revoking and disabling all other and former will or wills and testaments heretofore by me made and witness
where of I the said Joseph Mattison have to this my last will and testament have set my hand and seal this twenty second day of June in this year of our Lord, one thousand eight
hundred and ten -------
Signed Sealedand                                                                              Joseph X Mattison
published by the testor                                                                               mark
as __for his last will and
testament in the presence of 
us who wer present at the signing 
and sealing thereof and have 
subscribed the same as witnesses
  James Carlisle
  William Bockes
  Noah Scott --------
Washington County   Be it remembered that on the first day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fourteen personally came and appeared before me Edward Savage Surrogate of the said County of Washington -- James Carlisle and William Bockes two of the witnesses to the preceding will who being duly sworn on their oaths declared  that they did see Joseph Mattison sign and seal the instrument in writing of which the preceding is a copy and heard him publish and declare the same as and for his last will and testament, that at the time there of ___ the saw Joseph Mattison was of sound disposing mind and Hand and memory according to the best of the knowledge and belief of them the depos______ that then named Subscriber, to the said will is of their own proper hand writing which they subscribed as witnesses to the said will in the Testators presence and that they the despondants saw Noah Scott subscribe his name to the said will as a _________ in the testators presence. And be it also __membered that on this same day and year personnally appeared before me ____ and Surrogate Henry Mattison and
Thomas Gourlay the Executors and performance of the said will by personally taking the oath of an Executor as by law appointed before me
                                                           (signed)     Edward Savage

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