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Transcribed by Marge Matteson
Document provided by Ed Mattison

Will of Thomas Matteson
Dated December 27, 1808

In the name of God Amen I Thomas Matteson of
Shaftsbury, do make ordain and consitute this my last
Will and testament in manner and form following - that
is to say All my debts are to be paid as soon as may
be done with propriety - To my wife Sarah I do give
the third part of my household goods and furniture and
also two cows and one Riding beast to be at her own
disposal forever. And also to the use of one third part
of my dwelling house her lifetime with fire wood
provided suitable to support one fire if she so require
it her lifetime - more over I do Give to her annually to
be delivered to her one hundred Dollars one half in money
the others in cattle or Good current produce.

To my two Daughters Lucy Waldo and Susannah
Cook to each of them I do give one hundred Dollars
over and above what has been Given to them previously
if Jonathan Waldo or Abner Cook may be owing to
me more than the said hundred Dollars at the time
of my decease, the over plus of the said hundred
Dollars may be collected of them respectively~~~

To my son David Matteson having previously given
to him by deed the hundred acre lot where he now
liveth - I do more over Give to him one third of lot
the lot of land I bought of James Wooddle up
Little White Creek, said third part to lie south
on the south side of the whole Lot of equal width
at east and west ends in Division, reference to be had
to Quantity as well as to Quality ~~~

To my son Joh
Johnson Matteson I do Give the other two thirds of
the before mentioned lot up Little White Creek, not
before Given to David - Also to Johnson the forty acres
of land I bought of James Wooddle whereon Johnson
now liveth, and that the north part of the Lot I
bought of Joshua Bates on which the said Saw-
mill now stands, bounded as follows (viz) -
Beginning at the southwest corner of the Sawmill
field and running easterly parallel with the highway
to the east side of the ploughfield southeasterly of the
old Sawmill place, thence Southerly parallel with
the east and west lines of the whole lott to the north
line of the Joseph Matteson lot as is called, thence,
easterly to the southwest corner of the said forty acres
I bought of james Wooddle, thence northerly on the
west line of said forty acres to the highway, thence
westerly on the highway to Mr Loomis's corner, thence
southerly on Loomis's east line to the place of beginning,
supposed to contain about seventy acres to the same more
or less -- Moreover, I do give to my son Johnson one Quarter
of the wood lot I own Joining Samuel Blackmer's land
on the side of the west mountain in Shaftsbury -- John-
son's Quarter is to be the easternmost Quarter, same one
and of equal width at south and north ends ~~~~~~~~~~~~
also to Johnson I give the small hemlock lot I bought
of Solomon Millington - The rest of my lands not herein
before descibed, as that whereon I now live, where Isaiah &
Artemus lives that I bought of Joseph Matteson and
of George and Amos Matteson that I had of Joshua Bates
not before Given to Johnson the small lot I bought of Parley
Houlet the chesnut lot I bought of John Mittington with
all the apputenances thereunto belonging. I do give to be equally
divided between my three youngest sons, Isaiah,Artemus &
Asa Matteson and in division respecting to the last to
Quantity & Quality, and allowing to each one the exclusive
right and advantage of any & all betterments they (may)
may have made in building or new fencing, or the like -
And whereas myself, my son David, my son Artemus &
Asa have bargained and bought forty acres of Wood land
in Shaftsbury, of Samuel Blackmer, which by agreement was
to be equally divided between us four, and Blackmer
has deeded the said forty acres to me- my Will is
that in Consideration of David, Artimus, and Asa each
his hundred dollars to me or answering the same on
the four hundred Dollars Note I gave Blackmer for the
land, that they have and possess the three northern-
most Quarters of the said forty acres to the southernmost
Quarters. I Give to my son Isaiah, reserving to his four
Brother David, Johnson, and Asa, the priveledge of
Getting each one timber on said Quarter to the amount
of six Dollars worth to be taken away within ten years
after my decease ~ Also the three other Quarters of
the Wood lot lying on the side of West mountain in Shafts-
bury, not before herein given to Johnson I do Give in equality
to be divided between my son Isaiah, Artemus & Asa -

To my daughter youngest daughter Sarah I do give to
the amount of four hundred dollars to be rendered to
her one half in money, the other half in cattle or current
produce the one half of the whole within one year, the
other half within two years after my decease. One bed
and furniture, one case of drawers, and a side saddle
now called her is not to be counted as any part of sd
four hundred Dollars - And if unhappily any misunder-
standing may arise or any dispute amongst those who
consider themselves interested in this my last will for
want of particular explicit terms to express my real
intention in this Will my positive wish and will
Is that they do among themselves nominate and choose
three Judicious disinterested men whose opinion respec-
ting the true intention as the testator as herein expressed
shall be final and decisive in the case as if done in
a legal court ~~And whatever money or obligations or
cattle or the like with any or all personal property
of every name or description I may die possessed of
not herein before particularily named or desposed of
After the four hundred Dollars given to my daughter
Sarah one hundred Dollars given For the first year after my
decease, to be rendered to my wife--I will that the
said residue whatever it may be found to be, may
be divided into twelve equal shares and my son
David and his three Sisters Lucy, Susannah and
Sarah Shall have each of them one of the equal shares
and Johnson Isaiah and have each of them two of said equal Shares - Isaiah
Artemus and Asa is to have each of them are to render
to their mother her yearly annuity of said hundred
Dollars - And see to her support- And David &
Johnson excused in this matter Lastly, I constitute
and appoint my son David, my son Isaiah and
Asa to be executors to this my last Will and
Testament - In Witness whereof I do hereby
set my hand and Seal this 27th day December
AD 1808 in presents of

David Colvin                                  Thomas Matteson
Peter Dutchen (?)
Alexander Daniels

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