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The Bowen Matteson House

Nearly all Mattesons in the United States can trace their heritage back to Henry and Hannah (Parsons) Matteson of Rhode Island. Some other common spellings of the Matteson surname are Mattison, Mathewson and Madison. Some of the towns in which our Matteson ancestors lived were: East Greenwich, West Greenwich, Exeter, Coventry, Warwick, and Providence Rhode Island, Bennington and Shaftsbury Vermont, and several places in New York State before spreading out all over America.

This website has provided free historical and genealogical information on the Matteson family since June 27, 2002 !

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MMH: "Amazing website! GREAT information, well presented. I taught Genealogy classes for many years and really appreciate this kind of thoughtful research and clear presentation of the results."

Recent Changes and Additions:

  • Updated Database Scripts to v.13.1.1 - Mainly just small bug fixes and other tweaks to eliminate warnings in PHP 8. - 01/02/22
  • Matteson Genealogy Database: - 11/11/21 Another milestone has been reached! We now have over 79,000 individuals listed with over 157,190 source citations in our data file! You can still help to improve the database by sending us corrections and additions!
  • Updated Database Scripts to v.13.1 - 11/8/21 I have now upgraded to the final release of TNG v.13.1. All mods are once again working.
  • Updated Database Scripts v.13.0.4 - 6/10/21 I have now upgraded to TNG v.13.0.4. It contains mostly small bug fixesle with PHP 8.
  • Updated Database Scripts to v.13.3 - Multiple minor upgrades and bug fixes. - 02/22/21
  • Updated Database Scripts to v.13.2 - Multiple minor upgradess. - 12/19/20
  • Updated Database Scripts to v.13.1 - This update mainly includes fixes that were previously posted in the "patch", plus a few more from the past few weeks. - 09/25/20
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